CD - An Evil Anthology - Mud Blood & Glitter

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CD - An Evil Anthology - Mud Blood & Glitter Summary

contains tracks from the last album 'Welcome to the Freak Show' plus it predecessor and now deleted 'Destiny & Desire' album and 4 earlier songs that were never released on album &  8 new track's that again have never been released on album and were featured in the new show

 'The Apocalypse in the Asylum'

There are 29 tracks in all, spread over 2 CDs, the first 'Shock Rock' contains tracks from the Freak Show Album, the single Jivin' and its flip Jivin' goes Spunkmix
plus 2 never released songs including the title track on this album 'Shock Rock' that was recorded in 1982 and only discovered recently before being expertly restored
by Livingstone Brown.

The second Album  'Apocalypse in the Asylum' concentrated on the future shock of The Circus of Horrors with mixes and re-vamped versions of songs from The Destiny & Desire
album + 8 new songs that have never been released on album.

If you have ever been to The Circus of Horrors or intend to go on the forthcoming tour then you MUST own this album, it is the definitive musical history of a show that has
defied its critics and gone onto become a household name throughout the world whilst dragging an age old institution screaming & shouting into the 21st Century.

Artist's who appear on this musical masterpiece come from the various incarnations of Haze's band, reaching back as far as -
'Flash Harry' through to 'Haze', 'Haze vs The X Factor'  & his currant combo ' The Interceptors From Hell' 
joined at the hip with cameo performances by Dani Filth, Arthur Brown , Legendary Slade guitarist Dave Hill and more. 

In addition to the music the Album comes in a sensational gate fold package & every copy contains  a 36 page book of an edited version of
Dr Hazes life storey ' MUD BLOOD & GLITTER' ( Haze autobiography will be released at a later date ) Includes never before seen photos, a multitude of anecdotal stories that will blow your mind & give you a rare incite into the twisted world of Haze & The Circus of Horrors.

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